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We worked with Bill Boyce to bring custom designs to the MSC performance fabrics you love.

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  • Bill Boyce

    Facebook: Bill Boyce & Destination: Baja Sur


    DESTINATION: BAJA SUR TV / Executive Producer - Host BILL BOYCE

    Bill Boyce spent 16 years as a federal fisheries biologist until his photography and writing creativity changed his life direction. A highly successful writer with over 150 articles published internationally, his love of travel, fishing, and storytelling took him to new heights when he started William Boyce Productions, which to date has produced 7 TV series, over 150 episodes, and has earned 9 TELLY Awards.

    His current series, DESTINATION: BAJA SUR, takes viewers inshore, offshore, on-road, and off-road to the most treasured fishing hideaways on the rugged Baja peninsula. This outdoor/travel/adventure series highlights Bill’s 39 years "in country," where fishing, diving, surfing, off-roading, golfing, free diving, nightlife, resorts, and restaurants are experienced while you explore the culture, history, and marine resources that are waiting to be had. Seen on NBC Sport, Pursuit Channel, World Fishing Network, Eleven Sports, Amazon Prime, Pluto TV, MOTV, Wild TV Africa, and Aqua TV in over 200,000,000 homes internationally.